The title of the blog is in Latin, which was once the mother tongue of the country where I was born. I won’t pretend to be a Latin expert (I studied just a little at uni), but I feel it requires a translation and explanation.

Penna means feather or wing. Muliercula is a diminutive of mulier, which means woman or wife. The suffix -cula means little. So muliercula means little woman or little wife. The ending -ae is simply the possessive (genitive) ending.

I love how the word penna embodies the idea of the pen/quill as an instrument of flight. And, thanks to google I discovered that there is a species of moth called Catocala Muliercula – the Little Wife Moth. The Romans would have often have used the word muliercula derogatorily. It has even been identified by some as the Latin word for bimbo – I’m not convinced by this translation, but you can imagine other modern-day equivalents. I don’t particularly identify with this, but I know that sometimes my opinions provoke people so those who read this blog may well call me a muliercula. Go right ahead.

I am writing this blog for various reasons. Firstly, a few of my friends have started blogs in the last year and they’re inspiringly well-written. It prompted me to start looking at other blogs too and I have been excited to find how much interesting, stimulating, provocative, intelligent, damn GOOD writing is out there. (You hear a lot about how much rubbish there is on the internet and not so much about the good stuff.) I want to communicate and share ideas with other writers and it seems to me that having your own blog facilitates that. And in the end, all writers want to be read, even if only by a few people.

Mostly, when I find the time, I want to write about being a feminist woman who is looking after her children at home in 21st century Australia. I thought I’d be writing a couple of times a month but that hasn’t happened… yet.

Thanks for reading.


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